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Mother & Baby Care
by Nurses

About Cherish

We are a confinement care center with a group of professionals consisting of medical advisors, nurses, nutritionist and breastfeeding consultant who strive to provide our customers with the best possible care but also to empower parents with the best knowledge to care for their newborns.

80% of mothers go through some form of postpartum blues or depression after delivery. The main cause of this is the stress of caring for a newborn and the anxiety of not knowing what is happening and what to do.

At Cherish, we believe that knowledge is key. Parenting workshops with hands-on experiential learning are conducted every week by our professional team to empower parents to handle their newborns with ease.

Cherish is also a breastfeeding center with an in-house breastfeeding consultant who will be there to guide mothers so that mothers and babies can enjoy and cherish the precious mother-child bonding while newborns get the best nourishment.



Mother & Baby Care by Nurses

Our dedicated team of nurses provide the best medical professional care to mothers and babies. Have peace of mind that you and your babies will be in good hands.

Breastfeeding Consultation

In-house certified breastfeeding consultant to provide optimum guidance and support to ensure an enjoyable and successful breastfeeding journey

Parenting Education

We provide frequent parenting workshops conducted by our team of nurses, doctor, nutritionist and breastfeeding consultant to equip parents with the essential knowledge to provide their babies with the best care when they get home.


Why Us?

  • Peace of mind with professional care by medical team

  • In-House breastfeeding consultant

  • Parenting workshop with hands-on experiential learning opportunities for parents

  • All private rooms with Queen Bed for optimum rest

  • Daddy overnight stay allowed for all rooms to provide mummies with physical and emotional support

  • Boutique hotel style postnatal retreat with maximum attention for mothers and babies

  • Most rooms with en-suite bathroom

  • Daily recording of baby's growth and outputs

  • Modern and scientific confinement practices

  • Balanced diet and nutritional meals



“I had trouble ascertaining the right latch for my baby during confinement. Serene came in to help and gave me valuable advice on breastfeeding. If you are looking for breastfeeding supportive confinement center, Serene's place is definitely a great choice.”

Yong Shuang
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